Inter Fraternity Council Guide to Best Practices for Recruitment


Attend both pre recruitment events (info night and meet the chapters)

  • By attending as these events, you are maximizing your opportunities to meet chapter members. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about what Pepperdine Greek Life is all about prior to formal recruitment events.


Utilize the Pepperdine IFC executive board

  • The IFC executive board is here to serve as an impartial guide for you throughout the recruitment process. Part of their role is to answer questions pertaining to Greek life, offer their friendship, and provide an unbiased ear to guide you in your decision.


Attend a wide range of recruitment events

  • It is extremely important to attend as many events as possible throughout the entire recruitment process. Additionally, in the earlier stages of recruitment you should make the effort to attend the events of multiple fraternities to ensure that you have maximized your options, and are the best equipped to potentially receive a bid. If you cannot attend an event it is a good idea to inform the recruitment chair for the respective fraternities’ in which you are interested as to the nature of why you will be absent. 


Be true to where you feel you fit

  • Do not base your decisions upon where your roommates, friends, or family choose to affiliate. Avoid listening to rumors or stereotypes about chapters or chapter members, and focus on the experiences and connections you make with each chapter. Trust your instincts and make your selections based upon where you would be happiest.


Keep an open mind

  • Visit each chapter with an open mind. All of the fraternities on campus have different qualities and opportunities to offer as well as a diverse population of members. Maintaining an unbiased and positive attitude throughout the recruitment process will ensure that you find a home within the Greek community. 

Some Advice


  • Do NOT focus solely on the social aspect.
  • Try to find something in common with everyone you meet.
  • Develop two or three unique questions- If you bring up something the chapter member hasn't been answering all day then you will become more memorable.


  • Do NOT go into recruitment playing a character or you will be miserable later.
  • Keep any negative comments about a fraternity to yourself so you don’t influence another individual who may be considering that fraternity. But do feel free to speak with your IFC executive board or Greek board advisor about any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Give every fraternity a chance- don’t you want them to do the same for you?