Pepperdine IFC Recruitment Philosophy

Pepperdine University prides itself on developing and fostering a Greek experience whereby students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. It is the aim of Pepperdine University and the Interfraternity Council to successfully guide all potential new members through the recruitment process and to provide any necessary resources to ensure that it is a positive experience from start to finish. Thus, we believe that a potential new member will find community within Greek Life by incorporating the elements of the recruitment best practices guide as outlined below by the Pepperdine Interfraternity Council.

We are excited to share a draft of the PNM Guide for IFC Recruitment. The only detail that is missing is the official recruitment schedule for all of the chapters. Check back on the first week of classes for the official version. You will also receive a printed copy of the PNM Guide at the PNM Orientation at Meet the Chapters Night (details below). Click below for the draft of the 2018 PNM Guide.


Ready to Register for Recruitment?

All potential new members can begin registration on August 1! 

The deadline to register and participate in recruitment is Thursday, September 13 at midnight after the Potential New Member Orientation and Meet the Chapters Night! Every PNM must be registered and paid to participate in events and receive a bid.  PNM Orientation/Meet the Chapters Night will take place in Elkins Auditorium at 7pm.


Recrutiment Schedules will be made available in September and will be included in the PNM Recruitment Guide passed out during the IFC BBQ on Tuesday, September, 4 and the PNM Orientation on Thursday, September 13 in Elkins Auditorium. 

* Print Out Schedules will also be available at HAWC 112, the Greek Life Advisor's Office*

**All Potential New Members are required to visit at least TWO different fraternity's recruitment events to be eligible for a bid**